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We Must Protect The Integrity Of Our Country's Voting System...

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

There is a clear path to Arizona election nullification as described below that does not require evidence of fraud.

We are working closely with the citizens of Arizona and are focusing on aligning the people to act. Arizonans are meeting to collaborate and support one another on the 2020 election nullification. Part of this focused effort is on correcting the Arizona 2020 election by declaring it nullified as it was illegitimate, fraudulent, un-certifiable, unconstitutional, and unlawful.

The catalyst to this effort was a Writ of Mandamus (where People request the Court to mandate elected officer(s) to perform their duties according to the AZ Constitution, the laws of Arizona and their Oath of Office.

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The bigger problem with the voting is this: the machines cannot tell the difference between regular votes and those that were purchased. I know a number of people who were provided financial incentives by representitives of candidates to vote a differnt way. When times are tough you gotta take what money you can.


It might be better if there was no election and that leaders were appointed - per the "We'll decide for you". In fact, go one step further and create a New American Royal Family. There would already be a succession plan in place for that, Donald Trump Junior, then Kai Trump. Set for life, without the need for pesky elections to challenge the dynasty!

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